Bio: Since i could recall, I was one kid people can easily pick in a crowd; all one needs to do is find where a kid is howling, shrieking or pain hysterical, chances are, I caused that. Since childhood, I have been through a lot of places: inside a jute sack, locked up in a room, jailed in a closet, choose to cling to a tree-trunk with grandma and her twig eagerly awaiting the time when I fall. But, every time they stop me from being me, I brimmed my will to scour the depths of the deepest river, swim in the clouds of dreams and scaled the columns of cross-stitched or knitted words. Look what this restlessness and the will never to falter amidst threats of reduced school allowances, if only to learn something new every single day. To bring myself to learn how to think of ways no one has ever gone before, ways that are unconventional because I have always been lazy and the only way i can get away with it is to find an easier way across. Here, I thrive. This is my shack, my shanty where I stash the cache of my wondering and wandering. I am REY ANTHONY CHIU. I was born by my mother. I am a brother to my foes and nurtured by the daubs and splotches of paint my dead father left un-opened in front of an empty canvas.

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